The John Show

This is not really a song. The band is just rambling on about some crap and someone's playing bass chords. Everything's a bit messed up and I'm not totally sure I got all the quotes right, but you get the idea.

"Alright, yo, test, okay, hey erm, we got a problem here. First I can't hear myself in the monitors, monitor, louder louder louder, take the mid range out, boost the bottom, boost the top, come on do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it... take the bottom out... top out..."

"We need cigarettes, who's got cigarettes? Okay we need alcohol too. Are you serious, there's not a single one in here that smokes? (background babble)... You better cough up the cigarettes (?) Alright, there's gotta be someone with a cigarette in here. We're not gonna play till we get cigarettes. I mean it. It's about time."

(John) "Don't fucking like it!"

"You heard the blues before man? This is one thing for you. Ahh shut the fuck up."

(John)"Not anybody in the band play, and I mean DON'T."

"We... we won't. Don't worry. We realize this is your show. Get on with it."

(John) "This is the John show. The shut the fuck up..."

"This is John, the baddest/best (?) motherfucker that ever walked the earth."

(John, his voice drops) "Henderson (?) is my cat and he's really cool."

"We're just here for moral support.

(John, in a drunken voice) "Yeah, I mean this is... this is the John show. I think... let you know that I pretty much hate you."

"And it... your show too" (?)

(John) "I don't like much anything, and nothing that makes us swing, nothing at all. I hate everything, I hate it all. Fuck off and die."

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