This discography has been divided into three different sections, one for albums, one for singles and one for compilations. Click on a section to go there, or click on a specified Flipper release to go to its place on the page:


- Generic Flipper

- Blow'n Chunks

- Gone Fishin'

- Public Flipper Limited Live 1980-1985

- Sex Bomb, Baby!

- American Grafishy

- Nürnberg Fish Trials


- Love Canal / Ha Ha Ha

- Sex Bomb / Brainwash

- Get Away / The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly

- Some Day / Distant Illusion

- Flipper Twist / Fucked Up

- Sex Bomb / Falconi's Horn Concerto In D-Fault


- SF Underground

- Live At Target

- Let Them Eat Jellybeans ¹

- Eastern Front¹

- Not So Quiet On The Western Front¹

- Wake The Dead

- Rat Music For Rat People

- Ten ROIR Years

- The Wanna-Be-An-Indie-But-Got-Too-Much-$ Sampler¹


- Infinite Zero Promotional CD #2¹

- Old School Punk¹

- United States Of Punk¹

- Smells Like Bleach

- A Punk Tribute To Metallica

The compilation albums marked with ¹ features tracklists taken from Rick's Flipper site, thanks a lot to Enrique Blanco for his work at compiling these.

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