Flipper Twist
May The Truth Be Known
We're Not Crazy
Fucked Up Once Again
Exist Or Else
Distant Illusion
Telephone (Dial 555-TUNA)
It Pays To Know
Full Speed Ahead


I'm all alone in my room
I'm sitting here near the shelf
I see the mirror on the wall
The things I do are not for my health
I live alone with my lies darker than any night
A fear so real I might die from fright
Until... someday

So I reach for my death, yes it's the ultimate one
The needle shines sharp deep gleam into my skin
I feel the relief, I lose all the pain
And when I open my eyes it comes back right again
I start to scream deep from inside
But all that noise just won't seem to hide the fact that
Someday someday

So here I sit the bliss lost once again
My mind conjures up images once known as sin
I gather strength to look outside
I see the lives of friends, they run and hide
And now they're gone and what they did
So I pray to no god absolve me of no sin
I see your smile, it warms my soul
Reassuring me it's not our time to go

Until... someday someday someday

And when I'm far away from you my dear
I miss so much the feelings we share
And I want to hold on to you so tight
Breathe my hot breath down your neck tonight
Hold on so long the feeling is real
Only one thing can replace that deal
I find the thing that makes my life surreal
A cheap replacement
Because sometimes it feels like love - (repeat 4x)

Someday someday someday

Flipper Twist

And I say
Oh oh oh you never know which way to go

And I say
Oh oh oh the Flipper twist is in my soul

Now all the time we spent runnin' around
City to city, any club, any town
We got a taste of the audience zeal
What makes them hop and bop and feel
They wanna dance and have a good time
We gotta keep the tempo upbeat all the time
But we are trying to do something new
Playing discord in theory and that chord too
Abundant vibrations so pure and true
Move about betraying me and you

The nation's taste changes from day to day
First it's humor becoming ultra violence decay
It's just a game of the rat eats the dog
Lead the pack or be forever lost
So many kings to rule just one hill
To me it's crap, I say just be real
I have to stand out from the rest
Vocational noise puts myself to the test

The music squeaks, squawks and drones on
A magic feeling where nothing can go wrong
I lift my head proud, the feeling is bliss
My body starts a motion and I start to twist
Scream and shout but never resist
Even though there's no control
Until falling down makes it's cycle whole

And I say
Oh oh oh the Flipper twist is in my soul

And I say
Oh oh oh you never know which way to go

May the Truth Be Known

Once it starts you never see them
Once it starts there goes your freedom
Now you're standin' by the front door
You want it back and even more

(Chorus) - It was once written that those
Who give the truth
Become the slaves of the receivers

Once it starts you can't believe it
Once it starts you cannot see it
Stripped of all but left with your senses
All tangled up in a useless adventure


Once it starts you never see them
Once it starts you cannot believe them
You've torn my heart right from my chest
It's time to give that subject to a rest


Once it starts you cannot forgive them
Once it starts you don't want to live then
All we needed was a little trusting love
We'll stand proud and rise above


We're Not Crazy

(Chorus) - We are not crazy, we're goin' insane
It's not our fault you decided to blame
Yourself for walkin' in the front door
You're gonna come back tomorrow
And pay a little bit more

It's been such a long time
Carrying on with the same old show
It's been such a strange time
The burden's on the people who just don't know
It's happening much too fast
Every moment's made to fade or last
There is no time invloved in judgements
As I just let go of a twisted little laugh


Now I'm left wondering
What will become of it all
Is there a flaw in the grand scheme of things
A little tear through which it all falls
Are there any heroes left
In social service to human kind
As the madness intertwines to happiness
We all seem blind


Now if tomorrow didn't come
And yesterday had no past
You would blow your mind right away
'Cause now is a concept very few can grasp
To practise it requires no effort
I don't think about it at all
And if you can't handle it
You can always get right back in line


We are not crazy, we're going insane - (repeat)

Fucked Up Once Again

(Chorus) - Oh oh oh fucked up once again
No more rivers of blood
Taking over my dream of love
Feel a bit of poetry in my life
But it all could change in just one night


Reoccuring nightmares disturb
Everyone who let's them occur
The very same is true in life
So shed a little light to make it all right


Seems some lessons are not learned
Repeat the course or you'll return
Back to the part that was left out
Pieces of the part thrown all about


Looks messed up once more again
Can't cover it up won't pretend
Have to return to a new start
Pick another direction
Now comes the hard part


Fucked up never again

Exist Or Else

I've seen many things
In this world that I doubt
Exist anywhere else

Lives that enjoy
Never having to be disturbed
Exist some place else

Love that is unbroken
Resides in a lover's heart that
Exists in someone else

Passion burns so hot
In the lust of desires need to
Exist for someone else

Pain is felt so hard
In other lives who
Exist without soul what else

Try as they might
Some do not want to try
Exist forsaking something else

The day will come
When all those who have fought so hard
Exist in peace where else

I see the day
When I'll just say that I
Exist my love for you who else

Distant Illusion

You're a dead empty sexless soul
And all you have is what you buy to show

You keep on buyin'
What is shoved into your mind
Thinking all the time you're an original kind
But what you don't know
They say it won't hurt
So if you don't find out soon
There will be a global alert

'Cause you're a dead empty sexless soul
And what you don't have you will never know

Now keepin' up with hip cool or being down
Keeps you so busy you can't hear the distress sound
The world's gettin' wasted
As we just grab more and more
Killin' off our planet
In the end we'll all lose for sure

You're a dead empty sexless soul
Giving out opinions
But your feelings keep you on hold

There's a distant illusion that controls mass minds
Media advertising becomes a gold mine
There's a distant illusion that keeps you in your place
Going to work on time but waking up too late
There's a distant illusion and we had better
Question why or be left behind in evolution
Bounding through time

You're a dead empty sexless soul
And what you don't know
Can kill you very slow

Telephone (Dial 555-TUNA)

Now when I'm sick and tired and I'm far away from home
I need to hear your voice on the telephone
That's just what I need to feel at home
No matter how far away I am, how bad I feel
'Cause there's no greater thrill in my life
Than to hear your sweet voice in my ear, it's nice
It makes the miles apart not so far
Brings hope to me like a shining star

I get so tired out when I reach over and dial out
And all I get is the stupid machine it says
"I'm not at home right now
If you know what I mean
So if you will leave your name and number
Sometime I'll give you a call back and if you don't
I won't make time for you no more, Jack"

See I'm sick and tired of layin' alone
I get these cold sweats when I'm far away from home
And if I could just hear your voice one more time
I might have a little inspiration to continue
My life in a way that I can that doesn't seem
So destructive as I am but it's OK if I don't
Get you today, I'll just listen to your
Answering machine Ok fucked up piece of
Shit 30 seconds and I'm cut off
No return calls (once a week)

It Pays To Know

Now what I want to know is how
Your feelings show way deep down inside of
You when you know your mind is twisted
And untrue it seems so strange the range
You claim to have to show when all your actions
Take on a surrealistic threatening glow acting
The way you do fuck that well you know what
Does it show what does it prove you're in some
Groove workin' through the stages now toward
Something new but what does it show and what
Do you know well it pays to know it pays to know

Now in the time you spent so well figure yourself
Out to tell did you ever wonder why some
Things turned out to be such lies did you look
Deep way within and figure out where lies the sin
Could there be a clue left out overlooked and
Thrown about I want to know what can you show
One thing for certain it pays to know it pays to
Know which way you're going yes it pays to know
It pays to know set your sail in the direction
The wind's blowin' ohh it pays to know what can
You show and what does it prove

Full Speed Ahead

Full speed ahead, that's what I said
He didn't think about tomorrow
Full speed ahead, that's all he wanted
Another line or two would do him fine
He had his brains all out of time
He kinda liked it that way
Kinda relieved it every day
He went full speed ahead
Full speed ahead, that's what I said
Things became rather repetitious
He didn't know how to handle it, he dis it
He couldn't figure out what it was about
He didn't stop in time or shout
Whenever there was too much inside
He just felt everything and died
He didn't know what else to do
He went full speed ahead
He didn't know everybody he knew
And his body said full speed ahead
Gotta get out that vacuum cleaner
Full speed ahead, that's what it said - (repeat)
That's all he wanted, that's all he knew
And then he crashed for a million years

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