"Sex Bomb Baby"

by Carsten Mohn

Flipper actually accompanied a whole generation of kids through their sheltered childhood as a good loyal friend on the black/white TV screen. Of course we're speaking of Flipper, the dolphin. Then, when the next stage of development became less sheltered with the kids making first attempts to walk out of the intact family world and when the stupid fish got even more boring a few American teenagers found another loyal and familiar friend on their way through life in Flipper, just this time in form of a pretty wrecked, reactonary noisy band. Such friends influence you for the rest of your life, like the Seattle hype (it's already been a while ago...) and the following post-punk hype (nowadays quite new and hip...) ultimately showed it. For many of the bands, starting with the Melvins up to Nirvana, Green River and Mudhoney to just name a few, Flipper was a good, familiar friend and the necessary inspiration during the stage of developing their pubertal musical existence ("When I listened to Flipper for the first time I thought 'Great, you can also do that'," Mark Arm/Mudhoney). Mark Arm also insisted on writing the liner notes for this compilation that includes our wet friends' best and never before published works.

"You're cruisin' the boulevard in your shiny street rod, pumping the classics on the FM. Some fanatic, unforgettable song of your youth has just ended. You're feeling pretty damn good. Boy, that sure did take you back... Then you flash-back to the time you and Teddy were reefin' on Acapulco Gold in Mike's bedroom trippin' out to the Sab. Your full of anticipation. Which song is it? You hear simple three-note bass line. It's unfamiliar, but not too bad, kinda catchy. Out of nowhere, this whistling noise jumps in followed by drums. Then you hear this guy grunting and screaming, 'Ooh, aahhh, Sex Bomb Baby, YEAAAH!'"

Do you have to add anything to this? I don't think so!

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