"Sex Bomb Baby"

Confrontation, love, desperation, wit, hate - life! Flipper is live, with every note, and if I was allowed to only take one LP with me on the famous desert island - it would be a Flipper LP. Everything music means is contained in a Flipper song. "Sex Bomb Baby" offers ten of these songs and is not least a belated tribute to Will Shatter who died in December 87. Besides Bruce Lose he was one of Flipper's masterminds. Flipper, only known to few people as the best, most innovative and humorous band of early American punk, released two studio LPs, a double live album, several contributions to samplers and three singles - all of these are indispensable for everybody! Their unmistakable and unique way of slowing down punk's high speed attacks tenfold and making an art form out of complete dissolution / dilettantism paved the way for all these downtown-art-noise-combos. "Sex Bomb Baby" is a compilation that includes hard to get or even unavailable singles and sampler contributions. It is must for fans and everyone who does not want to start 89 with a sin of omission since it includes the extremely rare flexidisc track "The Game's Got A Price" and a tribute sheet for W.S.

Lars Brinkmann

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