FLIPPER - "Blow' N Chunks" (Plus 4 Bonus Tracks)

Catalog# RUSCD 8271 / UPC # 05343-68271-2-3

The Players: Ted Falconi - Guitar, Bruce Lose - Bass & Vocals, Steve DePace - Drums, Will Shatter - Bass & Vocals.

The Songs: 1. Way Of The World 2. The Lights, The Sound, The Rhythm, The Noise 3. Shed No Tears 4. Love Canal 5. Ha Ha Ha 6. In Your Arms 7. Life Is Cheap 8. In Life My Friend 9. Get Away

Bonus Tracks: 10. Life 11. Sacrifice 12. If I Can't Be Drunk 13. Ice Cold Beer

Liner Notes by: Carlo McCormick, Steve DePace & Michael Goldberg. Original Artwork by Flipper.

The hardest core punk band from San Francisco, Flipper, came to New York City's CBGB's in November 1983 to play live and record a new release specifically for ROIR cassettes at CBGB's brand new in-house sixteen track recording studio. Now 18 years later, and with the addition of four bonus tracks from the same session, ROIR is re-issuing this essential recording remastered digitally for cd release.

Flipper is a band that created their own aesthetic universe and singular punk language. In the late 70's and early 80's, San Francisco, much like Los Angeles, NYC, and Cleveland, was a cauldron for emerging punk, new wave and hardcore bands that were starting to get widespread recognition in the underground press and to some extent in the national music media. San Francisco was possessive, protective, outspoken and intensely proud of their own bands. There was a shared sense of regional superiority, experimentation, and commitment indigenous to the 'San Francisco Sound', 'supercilious' would characterize the attitudes of the punters who championed and bonded with the local bands that included The Dead Kennedys, The Avengers, The Dils, Mutants, No Alternative, The Offs and many others.

The strangest and most strident and controversial band- a band that was brutally loved/hated and worshipped with god-like fervor, personal allegiance and loyalty were Flipper. They were the most arrogant, in your face, non-industry oriented, 'we don't give a fuck' band of them all. Flipper had a unique heavy bass drone 'borderline' PiL sound that tapped into the headspaces of the 'Frisco scene-makers. Their singular sounds, personal attitudes, and outrageous behavior led to the slogan 'Flipper Rules.'

"Blow' N Chunks" was the second full-length album by the band, following Subterranean Records seminal "Generic Flipper" and was an open challenge to the East Coast hierarchy of hardcore and punk bands dominating the scene. In truth Flipper couldn't give a damn, they just were as always their nasty selves, drunken and rockin' out.

Although they were regarded the most obnoxious, rude, crude and primitive punk-hardcore band of their era, Flipper had a sharp mind and a definite sense of humor present just beneath the chaos. Punk lore has proven them to be a classic band to be reckoned with in any account of punk history.

What The Press had To Say About Flipper and/or The ROIR 1984 Cassette-only release "Blow' N Chunks" (Now Digitally Re-Mastered With Four Bonus Tracks):

"These San Francisco based grunge boys were hardcore's most deliberately slovenly group making feedback drenched music. Essential West Coast nuggets." - All Music Guide To Rock

"'Blow' N Chunks' is a primo live tape. A stunning roar of guitar music and bass pounding that is simply the ultimate loudest rock n' roll imaginable. A real classic album!" - Trouser Press Record Guide

"'Blow' N Chunks' captures the boys at CBGB's in NYC in '83. Drives every cockeyed message of hope straight into the pleasure center at the base of the skull." - Spin Alternative Record Guide

"Flipper suffered for their music - now it's your turn. There was more rhythmic energy in the typical Flipper dirge than could be found on a half-dozen hardcore albums." - Rolling Stone Record Guide

"What a treat to get hardcore that gives a fuck! These lengthy jams really do sound like the Dead going punkoid." - Cynthia Rose - NME UK

"It is not difficult to understand why Flipper were dubbed 'the lepers' of the US Hardcore scene."- Sounds UK

"I love 'em. You may hate them - and that's the way Flipper planned it." - Christgau's Record Guide (80's)

"This tape admirably documents this 'against the grain' Bay Area band and serves as a greatest hits package for fans and newcomers alike." - Music Connection UK

"The punk group Flipper have built a following while refusing to have anything to do with established record companies and promoters. Flipper's aggressive attitude along with existential lyrics and a sound like a tornado set to a 4/4 beat has made this band special." - Rolling Stone

"Their unconventional approach to punk rock and their magical droning sound left its mark on many. A virtual punk 'Wall of Sound.'" - Goldmine

"This is one of America's truly experimental bands." - John Morthland - Music & Sound Outpost

"Ouch! This fuckin' fish bites." - Melody Maker UK

"They have come up with one of the best, smartest, most beautiful noises the world has ever known and stuck by it through the thick and thin. 'Blow' N Chunks' catches the cruel combo with blood on their mitts, bursting eardrums left and right." - FM

"Flipper is seductive because it is overwhelming. Flipper is good sex, it keeps going. It goes beyond where it hurts." - Cary Tennis

"They pulsed with a strange noise like the underside of the city. Other bands will come along and try to claim their turf - but only the guys in Flipper could be the biggest bunch of fuck-ups in the world, and get it right! In our city (San Francisco) the band was followed with a certain fierce pride. They were naturally outrageous rather than chic and their music impartially combined majestic ideas with silly ones." - Puncture (San Francisco)

"Listen to the disturbed and unnatural sounds made by these beached whales. Flipper rules!" - Sweet Potato

"A lot of cutting edge music from the turn of the 80's that's heralded as influential today - including the Bad Brains first full length release - came out on a cassette-only label called ROIR. 'Blow' N Chunks' is a recommended choice!" - James Lien - CMJ ("Flashback")

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